Seeded Glass Pendant Lights

What is a seeded glass pendant light?

Seeded glass pendant light fixtures feature a type of glass where gas or air has been injected into the molten glass during the formation process. This technique causes the creation of air bubbles which are trapped within the glass, giving it the speckled, seedy look with which we’re familiar.

At what height should you hang a seeded glass island light?

This depends somewhat on your own personal preferences, but a good rule of thumb is to hang your seeded glass kitchen pendants 30 to 36 inches over the countertop. This height should keep the pendants out of your way while still keeping them close enough to provide an even, complete illumination.

Do seeded glass light fixtures come in different colors?

Absolutely! You will see seeded glass pendant shades in many different colors ranging from subtle hues like white, silver, and gray, to bolder colors like blue, amber, green, and even red.

What’s the best shape for a large seeded glass pendant light?

Seeded glass pendant lighting is very popular, so you’ll see it in many different forms. The most in-demand shapes include bowl, globe, geometric, cone, cylinder, drum, and dome.

What’s the best placement for mini seeded glass pendant lighting?

Seeded mini pendants (generally considered to be any seeded pendant 12 inches in diameter or less) can be placed anywhere you please, but if you’ll need them for task lighting you should consider arranging them in multiples. While generally you should place pendants 30 inches apart (measuring from bulb to bulb), with very small seeded pendants (8 inches or less), 24 inches of separation may be more appropriate.
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