Plug In Rattan Pendant Lights

What styles look best with plug in rattan pendant lights?

Rattan plug in pendant lighting is typically found in country, shabby-chic, rustic, boho, or farmhouse decorated homes. It’s casual warmth and beautiful simplicity, however, allows for fun creativity, and many have also found beautiful applications in modern, vintage, or traditional homes.

Are rattan plug in pendant lights difficult to hang?

Absolutely not! Rattan pendant lights that plug in are terrific for when you want a quick and simple installation, or when you live somewhere where you can’t make permanent changes. They’ll come with much longer hanging lengths than regular pendant lighting, and often also come with guide hooks to keep the cord out of the way.

Do I want a large rattan pendant light or a small rattan pendant light?

This all depends on where you will be placing your rattan lighting. For applications like a larger kitchen island (five feet in length or more), then large rattan pendant lighting would probably be best. Typically, a pendant light is considered large when it is more than 12 inches in diameter. Small rattan pendant lighting is wonderful for smaller kitchen islands (five feet in length or less), or over the sink. Many people have created beautiful looks in their homes by placing plug in small rattan pendants in multiples, spaced about two feet apart.

What is a plug in wicker rattan pendant light?

Plug in rattan wicker pendant lighting could be more succinctly called a plug in wicker pendant light or plug in rattan pendant lighting. The distinction between the two terms is actually very simple, though wicker and rattan are often incorrectly believed to mean the same thing. Wicker is a style or technique of weave, while rattan is a fibrous material which is often used in woven wicker. This makes it possible for a fixture to be a plug in rattan wicker hanging light without the name being redundant.
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