Mason Jar Pendant Lights

What room styles look best with a mason jar pendant light?

The simplicity and neutral colors you'll typically find them in (mainly black, gray, and silver) make glass mason jar pendant lights versatile enough to work with most any style given the right touch (even modern!). That being said, the downhome nostalgic feel they evoke leads to them most commonly being found in homes in the farmhouse, rustic, country, traditional, vintage, or industrial styles.

Will a mason jar light fixture work in the bedroom?

Absolutely! Bedroom mason jar pendants just require a little creativity and a long hanging length. Try a solitary fixture on each side of the bed hung low to create a soft light and beautiful romantic environment.

How many mason jar hanging lights look best over the kitchen island?

It all depends on what type of arrangement you’d like. For something more ordered, try 3 or 4 mason jar hanging lights at the same height, evenly spaced in a straight line. For something more eclectic to really draw the eye, try a cluster of mason jar pendant lamps placed closely together at varied hanging lengths.

Should you place a large glass jar pendant light differently than a small glass jar pendant light?

Both will just come down to personal preferences. While decorative standards dictate spacing pendants 30 inches apart, this applies less to small and large mason jar pendant lights alike due to the unique sizing and arrangements you’ll typically find with them. You can reduce the space between mason jar pendants regardless of size to well under 30 inches without issue.

Will a mason jar kitchen light fixture look nice over the sink?

Sure thing! It’s actually a very popular location for placements in the kitchen, right after over the island. Try a lone, big mason jar pendant fixture and be sure to keep the hanging height high enough that it will stay out of the way.
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