Colorful Glass Pendant Lights

Do any decorative styles work best with colorful glass pendant lights?

With colorful glass pendant lighting coming in so many different hues, shapes, and designs, you should be able to find fixtures that work with nearly any decorative style. You’ll most frequently see them in homes of the modern, contemporary, coastal, or vintage styles, however. With properly chosen colors, such as earthy tones, you could also make a colorful glass pendant light work in less thought of styles with this category, such as farmhouse, rustic, country, or traditional.

Is it hard to keep colored glass pendant lights for kitchen islands clean?

Colorful glass pendant lights for kitchen islands won’t necessarily be harder to clean than any other type of fixture. The difficulty of the cleaning process will depend on your home, how large it is, and the shape of your pendant, but these are considerations with any other type of fixture so you shouldn’t let it be something that steers you away from any beautiful colored glass pendant light that catches your eye.

How do I best add colored art glass pendant lights to a room?

Take careful consideration of what hues and pendant sizes will work best in the room. Smaller rooms may be best served by miniature, small fixtures (mini pendant lights art glass fixtures are those measuring 12 inches or less in diameter). For colors, consider whether you’re looking for something subtle to complement the existing tones in a room, or something more bold to become a room’s centerpiece, like for example a hand blown blue art glass pendant light.

Do colored glass hanging light fixtures come in many shapes like other pendants?

For the most part, yes. Design techniques have progressed to allow colored glass pendants to be produced in nearly any popular shape including teardrop, dome, cone, cylinder, and even globe.

Are glass multicolor pendant lights still in style?

Absolutely, and you can buy colored glass pendant lighting in such wide ranges of styles, shapes, sizes, and hues that you’re sure to find fixtures that are perfect for your home, which will be treasured for years to come.
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