Black Industrial Pendant Lights

What colors compliment black industrial light fixtures the best?

The wonderful thing about black industrial fixtures is how easy they are to match with other hues. In terms of lighting, our favorite combination is black and gold industrial pendants, but you’ll also see them regularly with wood finish, white, and silver. For room decorating, match with solid, deeper colors like purple or dark red and avoid busy patterns or designs.

Would a large black industrial pendant light look good in the dining room?

You bet! A black rectangular industrial island pendant might be designed for the kitchen, but will work just as well over your dining room table. You could also try multiple individual pendants. In this case you may want to look at fixture shapes such as a dome, teardrop, cone, or cylinder as they’ll provide an even, directed illumination.

What materials are used in a black industrial pendant?

Black metal industrial pendant lights are most frequent, with wood and glass also being heavily sourced. In terms of the types of metal you’re going to see utilized, iron, brass, and bronze are the most common in these lamps.

Where would a black industrial 3 light pendant look best?

It depends on the arrangement. If it is a cluster arrangement, then opt for your home’s entryway, or over the dining room table. For a linear arrangement, you would be best served placing the industrial black pendant lights over the kitchen island.

How far apart should you place black industrial lighting?

For even illumination, the best rule of thumb is to space your black industrial hanging lights roughly 30 inches apart. Take your measurements from bulb to bulb, not from the edges of each fixture. For mini industrial black pendants (12 inches in diameter or less), you can shorten this distance to 24 inches.
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