Black Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Where should you place a black farmhouse pendant light?

You’ll most typically find black finish farmhouse pendant light fixtures over the sink, kitchen island, or dining room table, but the bedroom, living room, and entryway are also great locations. For longer islands or tables, try a large black farmhouse pendant that’s rectangular and features multiple lights. For more cozy placements, opt for a small, mini pendant (meaning it has a diameter of 12 inches or less).

What makes a black pendant light farmhouse style?

The farmhouse style is characterized by charm, warmth, and creating an inviting, cozy, relaxing space. The addition of black is made to give it a more authentic, and typically modern take. That being said, with the right texturing on the pendant (such as distressed or weathered), it can also be beautifully mixed with the vintage style.

What materials are found most in a farmhouse black pendant light?

The two most common materials you’ll find are wood and metal (typically being wrought iron or oil rubbed bronze), with glass being very close behind. You’ll also occasionally see less thought of materials like finished concrete.

What other styles combine well with black farmhouse pendant lighting?

The rustic, country feel of many black farmhouse hanging lights makes them an easy combination with the vintage style. Other fixtures in this category feature texturing and materials that make them more of an industrial or modern farmhouse black pendant light. Whatever direction you take, it’s a tremendously versatile category making it perfect for you if you’re the creative type!

What shapes and finish of black farmhouse pendants look the best?

The genuine feel desired in this category leads to matte and wooden being the most regularly seen finishes, with distressed also being found often. For shapes, we’ve seen many home decorators add a uniquely beautiful look to their homes with the simple addition of a black farmhouse lantern pendant. Other popular shapes include cage, jar, dome, drum, cone, and cylinder. Rectangle farmhouse black pendant lighting is popular with those shopping for placement over the island.
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