Black Cage Pendant Lights

Will a black cage light fixture over the kitchen island look good?

Absolutely! Hanging black cage lighting over the island is one of the most common spots you’ll find them. Their simplicity and neutral coloring makes the lights a favorite in many different decorative styles, from modern to vintage, meaning they’re an easy fit in most any kitchen.

What are other common materials found with a black metal cage light?

Metal black cage lights made of iron are the most typical, but you’ll also frequently see homes featuring a black wood cage pendant light in settings where a farmhouse mixed with industrial look is desired. Glass and brass are also often found in metal black cage fixtures.

What size is considered a small black cage pendant light?

If the fixture is 12 inches or less in diameter, then it is considered small. You’ll also see them referred to as a mini black cage light. We offer many pendants in this size and style, and are frequently updating our collections with new designs.

What’s the best shape for a large black cage pendant light?

This all depends on the style you’re going for and where you’ll be hanging the pendant. Black geometric cage pendants are the most common, though you’ll also regularly see them as a dome, globe, drum, cone, or even cylinder. Just ensure the room is big enough for a light which is more than 12 inches in diameter.

How can I get creative with black cage hanging lights?

Our favorite advice here is to place your black cage hanging pendants in multiples, and then vary the heights of each. This creates an alluring appearance that can be made to work with basically any decorative style. Hang them a mixture of heights placed close together for a cluster look, or in a straight line with a consistent change in length between each for something more contemporary and structured.
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